French Provincial Furniture

Chinoiserie Painted Furniture ~Louis XV Chest

This bow-front French Louis XV Style “Coromandel” Commode features lacquered black paint and Chinoiserie motifs on ebonized mahogany. This chest found at Negrel Antiques in Austin Texas is a shining example of how beautiful Chinoiserie motifs can enhance the beauty of a chest.  This particular chest has 2 drawers with cabriole legs with bronze sabots.  The white marble top gives this chest a beautiful contrast against the black lacquer and hand painted chinoiserie.   The bronze hardware and acanthus leaf designs really stand out against the black lacquer, and complement the complexity of the chinoiserie designs. The keyhole escutcheons and rococo handles are  original hardware during the Louis XV period.   (Read More.....)

Painted Furniture Book Reviews- Annie Sloan's Inspirations In Painted Furniture

Inspirations In Painted Furniture was published in 1999, written by painter Annie Sloan who works and teaches specialized painting workshops in the United States, Europe, and England. Inspirations in Painted Furniture is one of over 20 books Sloan has published making her one of the most recognized specialty painters in her field.   Inspirations In Painted Furniture was one of Sloan’s earliest books in her career of publishing, and it features some rather dated techniques, but it still has a small collection of valuable tips that can be applied to today’s interior design and furniture painting.  This book features over 90 specially decorated pieces of furniture, and has some great instructions regarding basic faux techniques but fails to really show any high-end finished pieces with the painted finishes.  I am sure Sloan has evolved over the years with her techniques just like any painter does. The basic techniques such as dragging, combing and sponging are great basic techniques, but often are shown in most painting how-to books with bright colors in ways any decorator wouldn’t feature.  It is the same with this book, and almost every other book on faux painting that you will find.  One example of this I find in most painting books is using a grain roller to make faux wood grain with green paint. Where do we get green or purple wood in nature? (Read More.....)

My Coastal Nautical Chest Makeover

When it comes to home decor, very few things are nicer than the crisp fresh looks of the coast. Nautical decorating has never gone out of style, and has in fact been an anchor in design for many years. For example, Ralph Lauren’s 2010 spring and summer collection brings together the richness of french furnishings combined with textiles borrowed from nautical looks. When decorating with nautical decor, furniture should be the first consideration and the major element of the theme. The furniture should be classic pieces and should be made from an attractive, solid wood such as burl wood, pine with lots of knots, or walnut (for a more upscale look). Good quality wood furnishings should be the focus of your room while the accessories will define the nautical feeling and give you the overall effect you are looking for. (Read More.....)

Hand Painted Detailed Furniture Made EASY

Most people are not naturally talented free hand artists.  If you love the look of detailed hand painting on furniture, but do not have the thousands to afford genuine antiques, you can achieve the look on your own with a little hard work, and some tracing paper.   (Read More.....)

Hand Painted Stenciled Furniture

Stenciling can be one form of adding genius to your painted furniture. Forget the country craft stencils popular in the 80’s, as todays modern stencils are more intricate, unique and timeless. Todays hottest painters are thinking outside the box when it comes to decorating their furniture with stencils. Lauren author of InDecorous Taste is fabulous painter with an incredible amount of talent who uses stencils in a new direction combining the natural wood and layering different patterns and opposite colors to create pieces worthy of rich empire looks.   Here she combines hand painted leopard trim against a block pattern in white with gilt accents on a beautiful chest.  While some of us are really good at block patterns, she is really talented at adding multiple patterns to form one design which works fabulously together.  Here she shows a hand painted throw animal print rug, and a french chair whose upholstery is hand painted in an elaborate tiger print.  Again, the hand painted landscape and the animal printed chair mixed in with fabulous french antiques is a room designed for royalty.   Her attention to detail islayered from the stenciled french walls, to the florentine mirror and paintings all with their own exquisite colors.   Featured in this link is a  faux-marble accent table in orange marble with white which looks superb against black wood.   Empire decorating, is one of the only styles which incorporates the most richest elements, such as marble walls, beautiful lavish colors mixed with natural features such as marble,  fur throws, flame mahogany, and gilt wood.   Lauren’s hand painted pieces show interesting ways of adding color and combining patterns that work together, and painting delicate details which might be other wise overlooked.   (Read More.....)

Fabulous Silk Scarf Furniture Makeovers

Doing quick furniture makeovers is one of the most rewarding hobbies a person can have.  After all, who doesn’t love looking at furniture before and after pictures.  I am always amazed at what a couple of coats of paint can do.  Painted furniture can really add that “wow factor” to a room.  Not only is it fun to see a dramatic transformation, but in many cases what was once a throw-away piece can become one of the most unique pieces in your home if you give it a different color scheme.  (Read More.....)

Home Depot Ditches Ralph Lauren For Martha Stewart Paints

Martha Stewart appeared on Squawk Box several months ago, (A stock market and currency business news program of CNN)  and spilled her feelings about Kmart who disappointed her greatly.  She was at that time looking for a new  home for her products, so it comes at no surprise that Home Depot will be carrying her paint line and cleaning products starting in March.  (Read More.....)