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Best paint colors for wicker furniture

Wicker furniture is the ultimate choice for curating an outdoor area for entertainment. Furthermore, you can add a dose of texture to the interior design with wicker pieces. A coat of paint will work wonders if you have found a good set in your local thrift store or want to revamp your old one. To make it easier for you, we share the best paint colors for wicker furniture and helpful tips and tricks to make the painting process more straightforward.


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If you’re looking for a fresh color that fits your color scheme, white would be an ideal choice. The classic color is perfect if you wish to recreate the coastal look, but it also fits modern and relaxed styles.

The stark white paint color will stand out nicely while remaining neutral. If you prefer shabby or cottage styles, you can opt for a warm white to fit the aesthetic. You can add your desired style by enhancing the wicker furniture with throw pillows and cushions.


Gray is the ideal paint choice for contemporary styles. When the natural warm tone of your furniture doesn’t match your refined aesthetics, feel free to give it a coat of gray paint. A light gray is a soft choice to enhance your outdoor space. But you can also use a darker tone, such as charcoal, to bring the modern feel.

Pale blue

If you wish to create a coastal color scheme, pale blue would be an ideal choice for your wicker furniture. You can also opt for the mix-and-match approach, where you would paint the outdoor sofa in pale blue and the chairs in white.


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Sometimes you wish to keep the natural color of your wicker furniture. But its original warm tone might not fit your current setting. In such cases, opt for tan paint. Tan will keep the natural vibe while not having an overly warm undertone. This color would complement various styles, especially the popular modern-boho vibe, making it a versatile choice.

Choose a color that suits your outdoor decor

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If you wish to make a statement with a bold color choice, you are free to do it. Maybe you want to bring vibrancy and create a unique seating area. Or, you are inspired by the color palette of an outdoor area rug or throw pillow set. Either way, you can choose the tone that best suits your outdoor decor, like a mint green, turquoise, bright pink or even a mustard yellow.

What paint should I use for wicker furniture?

Wicker furniture is ideal for creating an outdoor seating area. However, your furniture might not fit your modern color scheme. Or, it might look worn out. You can always give it a quick update with a fresh coat of paint.
If you wish to update your wicker furniture, both chalk paint and regular latex furniture paint will work perfectly fine, but skip the paint brush and use a paint sprayer instead for the most even finish. Also note that chalk paint is best-suited to indoor paint projects. If you don’t have a paint sprayer and want to keep things simple, you can also use spray paint if you don’t mind a more limited color selection.

Always make sure to pick a paint that already has a sealant. The self-sealing paint will create an even finish, and you won’t need to apply a protective layer. Using a wax coat over wicker furniture (like you might if you can be very challenging, so be sure to check the paint before purchasing it.

What is the best way to paint wicker?

Spray paint or a paint sprayer is the most convenient method for painting wicker furniture. There are other options, but you might invest more time and effort. We would strongly recommend you not use a paintbrush for this purpose. Although this method would be the cheapest, achieving the right coverage with all these nooks and crannies will take so much time. Therefore, avoid using a paintbrush for painting your wicker furniture. The one caveat would be: if you want a rustic, weathered look and don’t mind bits of the old color showing through.

Spray paint is an excellent method that works well for smaller projects. The aerosol can deliver fine mist, which is ideal for the detailed texture of wicker furniture. Spray paint is quick and easy, as you must buy the right spray and open the lid. You won’t need to mix the paint, as it is already prepared.

However, you might need to pay more for a good quality product. Cheap spray cans will contain less pigment, meaning you will need more layers to achieve the desired coverage. Quality spray paint will be more pigmented, so investing will be worth it. Also, make sure to pick a suitable nozzle. A good nozzle will ensure consistent spraying and an even finish.

And there are a few more downsides as well. The paint layer will be thinner, and there won’t be many color choices. But if you have a smaller project and don’t have a particular color in mind, the spray paint will work fine and save you time. Also, applying a few thinner layers means even coverage. It will work well if you have a small side table to paint for example.

Wicker furniture is pretty challenging to work with because of the woven texture. If you are serious about painting, you will need a sprayer. It is a convenient method to use for larger painting projects. You can easily apply an even layer and cover larger surfaces fast.

When you work with a paint sprayer, always make sure to start spraying from the underside. With this, you can understand how your sprayer works and how you need to handle it.

How to paint wicker with a paint sprayer

Painting wicker furniture with a paint sprayer is relatively straightforward. However, it would be best to have a few things in mind first. Painting with a paint sprayer can get messy, so you want to do it outdoors. It would be best to choose a good weather day, with no rain or wind.

The surface needs to be clean before you start painting. Therefore make sure to remove any grime and dust with a stiff brush. Then, wash with soapy water to remove the remains. Leave the furniture to dry completely before you do any further work.

Make sure to cover the working area with a tarp or cloth. Also, depending on the paint you choose, you might need to do some prep work. Working with pants that don’t require priming would be easier for you.

When painting with your device, you will need to spray from different angles. With this, you will be sure all the nooks and crannies get coverage. Use gentle sweeping motions to cover the area. Furthermore, you will need to apply at least one more coat to get the coverage you wish. Make sure to let the paint dry before applying the next coat. When you’re done with the coats and have the exact finish you want, leave the paint to dry completely before using the furniture. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to see how long the paint will take to cure fully. After that, the furniture is ready to be used. You can curate our outdoor entertainment area and enjoy it with your family and friends.

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