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Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue

Ven Deusen Blue – notice how it looks like a deep blue in a shaded area, and like a paler blue in bright light.

Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue is one of the brand’s most popular colors.

Timeless and versatile, Benjamin Moore describes their Van Deusen Blue as a “foundational” color that can look equally gorgeous in both modern and traditional spaces. Suffice to say that its classic charisma has made this paint hue a company bestseller and a favorite among interior designers.

Here’s all you need to know about Van Deusen Blue.

What color is Van Deusen Blue HC-156?

Van Deusen Blue is a deep blue that’s just shy of navy. It’s a classic, traditional color that’s part of Benjamin Moore’s historical collection.

Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue Properties

The bold, striking, and distinct look of Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue pays tribute to the navy family – although it’s a tad lighter than true navy and can be considered a distant cousin. A close look at this hue showcases its natural grounding abilities and depth – it simply hooks the eye and never lets go. Moreover, its cool tones are not just inspirational but also invitational. Your vision will feel a welcoming attraction every time you look at it.

Van Deusen Blue has an LRV (Light Reflective Value) of 11.97, which is closer to the black end of the spectrum at 1, rather than the white end of the spectrum at 100. This basically means that when exposed to bright light, this shade of blue paint might take on a brighter personality than you’d expect from a color that is so close to navy blue in shade.

The great thing about Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue is that it doesn’t have any obvious undertones. You might notice a a bit of grey in it in certain lights (or maybe even a bit of green in some rare cases), but mostly, it’s just a steady shade of uninterrupted blue.

Where to use Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue

Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue has a very pronounced outlook – you can say that it has a lot of visual weight, so it’s perfectly suited for making a statement. You can use it in both large and small rooms, so bust the myth that says that dark paint hues are for big rooms only.

Van Deusen Blue has the ability to look just as stunning in an oversized living room as it does in a tiny little powder room. Set against the right backdrop and embellished with the right accessories, it can make any space absolutely stunning. You just need to understand how to contain the visual power of this color – it needs to be used in moderation. Too little of it can make a space feel bland while too much of it with no contrasting elements can seem overwhelming.

This color is also incredibly versatile, so you can use it in a number of interior design themes ranging as far as modern to classical. In modern spaces, you can use it to create a bold, focal point of an accent wall and complement it with contrasting colors all around. For classical or traditional interiors, you can use Van Deusen Blue to finish the walls, and then use a crisp white to create some contrast with wainscotting, trim, cornices, greek keys, etc. As for contemporary and eclectic interiors, you can offset it with colorful accents and metal furniture. The warm tones of brass would really complement such themes wonderfully.

Lastly, like every paint color, Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue varies in intensity in different lighting situations. In a south-facing room with lots of light, it can come off as a very light-hearted version of itself. However, in a north-facing room, it taps more into its grey undertones and looks darker. Therefore, you need to carefully appraise the quality of light in your rooms before picking this shade as your final choice.

What colors go with Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue

Van Deusen Blue is a very clear and conspicuous paint color, which is why it pairs well with the best Benjamin Moore white paint colors, and well as neutrals. They balance out its visual weight and give it just the right kind of contrast. Here’re our top picks for what other colors it can go with:

Van Deusen Blue and Castleton Mist

Castleton Mist: If you want some warm accompaniment to your Van Deusen Blue ambiance, then you can bring in tasteful amounts of Benjamin Moore’s Castleton Mist to the room. It’s a straw-like color that has green-undertones. You can feature it in small doses as a contrasting secondary or tertiary color that emphasizes the green low-lights in your Van Deusen Blue walls.

Van Deusen Blue and Alpine White

Alpine White: If its classy sophistication that you’re going for, then you can pair your Van Deusen Blue with Benjamin Moore’s Alpine White. Its a soft, creamy white, whose frothy countenance would work in bold, striking contrast with a navy shade. In fact, you can create quite an elegant neo-classical ambiance with this combination by painting all your trimmings in Alpine White while keeping the backdrop a nice, overstated blue.

Van Deusen Blue and Thunder

Thunder: Benjamin Moore’s thunder is a lean greige color whose gray undertones would pair really well with Van Deusen Blue’s. You can use this combination to design a sophisticated neutral ambiance that brims with contemporary charm. Armed with lots of metal accents and the occasional pop of color, texture, and light pattern, you can really do something with this combination.

Van Deusen Blue and Cotton Balls

Cotton Balls: This bright white has an LRV of 88, which means it’s excellent at reflecting light. So, if you’re thinking about designing a cozy, airy, and breezy room then pair your navy with Benjamin Moore’s Cotton Balls. The statement walls can be donned in blue while the rest of the space can be finished in whites to emulate a fun contemporary aesthetic.

What paint color is similar to Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue?

Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue

Van Deusen Blue is quite similar to Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore. However, the latter is darker as it’s LRV is 10.31, so lower on the scale than that of Van Deusen Blue. It has more of a charcoal undertone to that of Van Deusen’s greyish notes.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Van Deusen Blue is also a popular alternative to Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, which is one of the brand’s most popular blues. Like Hale Navy, Van Deusen blue is a navy hue with gray undertones, however it’s a lighter shade than Hale Navy, which makes it a great choice for those looking for a bold paint color, but not a super-dark one.

Is Van Deusen Blue warm or cool?

The thing with Van Deusen Blue is that it’s quite a well-balanced color. In certain ambiances, it can be almost cozy, while in others, it certainly retains a cool vibe. However, it’s not as dark as most true shades of navy, and it’s still quite a cool color.