French Provincial Furniture

American Painted Furniture

A guide to the 18th and 19th-century painted furniture that has dominated recent antiques shows. This book is an impressive array of works by prominent craftsmen.  ‘This survey of painted and gilded furniture explores the ornamented surfaces produced by American cabinetmakers and decorative painters from 1790-1880. The first part examines the major style centers of the East Coast. The second part features painted furniture produced in areas outside the great port cities–New England, the South, the Middle Atlantic states, and the western frontier.  This book presents an outstanding example of painted and gilded furniture.  350 PAGES of Full-color photos.  My Favorite Faux Painting books can be found here.  If you have one to suggest, please leave your comments.  I always am in search of new and fresh ideas for old world painting.  (Read More.....)