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Home Depot Ditches Ralph Lauren For Martha Stewart Paints

Martha Stewart appeared on Squawk Box several months ago, (A stock market and currency business news program of CNN)  and spilled her feelings about Kmart who disappointed her greatly.  She was at that time looking for a new  home for her products, so it comes at no surprise that Home Depot will be carrying her paint line and cleaning products starting in March. 

Sears and Kmart stores began selling the Martha Stewart Everyday home line in 1997, but in October of this year Sears and Martha Stewart did not extend the contract. Martha Stewart Living reported that 43 percent of its merchandising revenue in 2008 came from the Kmart line, but as Kmart lowered its royalty payments, so did MSL’s revenue.  Martha Stewart Living’s agreement with Lowe’s ended Sept. 1 as well.

I’m thrilled to be working with The Home Depot to provide consumers with a beautiful paint palette inspired by nature and unique objects,” said Martha Stewart, Founder of MSLO.

 Talking with a home depot paint associate a few days ago, about the switch from Ralph Lauren to Martha Stewart was one which Home Depot was more on page with.  The associate commented that Ralph Lauren was a “clothing designer, not really a home improvement guru”.  This was not an official statement of Home Depot, just the inside chatter of their associates.  Ralph Lauren was always the nicest paints in Home Depot, but many people by-passed their paints, for something less expensive.  Ralph Lauren’s paints generally were 10 dollars more expensive, and after adding the savings up, no body blames the customer for saving a 60 dollars on average.  

Ralph Lauren up to this point has been the best paint to be offered through Home Depot.  What has made Ralph Lauren’s line special is they have carried the specialty products such as Faux glaze options, a wide range of metallics, and other finishes such as candlelight paint, swede finishes, and River Rock, which will no longer be available as they are clearing their shelves to make room for Martha Stewart.   They didn’t offer a million choices like Behr, but rather hand picked great colors, than every shade under the sun.  Ralph Lauren also did an exceptional job of organizing their paint chips for their customers into several different categories which they called Lifestyle Colors, such as Thoroughbred, and Vintage masters which were among my favorite.   With Ralph Lauren, they offered something for every customer, such as colors for the bright California home, modern colors for the New York Formal Loft, and also classics for the Equestrian Connecticut Ranch.  I think we are all interested to see where they go next.   

So what do we have to look forward to withMartha Stewart?

Martha Stewart has exceptional taste, who can deny that?  She knows how to pick the best colors for the greatest impact.  The Martha Stewart Living paint palette will consist of 280 handpicked colors created by Martha Stewart and the MSLO design team.  All their colors can be mixed for indoor and outdoor use.  Samples will be available in 8-ounce samples, enough to take home and test on the walls.  Interior paint will be available in 4 sheens, and exterior paint will be available in 2 sheens.  12 of “Martha’s Picks” will be available pre-tinted paint.  The Martha Stewart paint line will be manufactured by Dutch conglomerate AkzoNobel, which has its U.S. headquarters in Strongsville.

{PhotoCredit Apartment Therapy}

Martha Stewart Living’s deal with Kmart ends in January and will be available at The Home Depot stores across the U.S. and Canada in March 2010.

Partnering with Martha Stewart on a new brand of paint allows us to continue our efforts in enabling our customers to easily coordinate décor and design elements when taking on home improvement projects, all while staying true to our commitment to value and everyday low price,” said Gordy Erickson, senior vice president of Merchandising, Decor. “We are also excited to announce the addition of Martha Stewart Clean to our cleaning category. Martha Stewart Clean will offer consumers an environmentally friendly yet effective option in cleaning.”

This ad featuring Martha Stewarts Paint Colors is a wonderful visual map of her signature colors. 

The Porcelain Green walls and Coral Blue Guinea ceiling were inspired by an antique bowl and a length of silk ribbon. The gilt mirror adds a rich accent against the pastel colors.

“I don’t paint window frames white anymore because the bright trim interrupts the view outside.” Martha Stewart

Classic Swedish Colors such as the muted yellow, grey and beige make this room a classic antique room

Martha Stewart Paint and Decorating Ideas

This mudroom shows pastel colors using paint color Araucana Olive above, and Ameraucana Moss below. The floor is Araucana Teal.

Painted ceilings can open up spaces than close a space.  Many people are too frightened to paint the ceiling in a different color in fear that it will make their space smaller.  In this room, Araucana Turquoise was used on the ceiling, while a rich cream, Silkie White, is painted on to the trim work. The floor, in Crevecoeur, has the fine gloss of dinnerware. Hallway walls beyond are Araucana Green.  This is a perfect example of how beautiful a ceiling that is painted can look. 

A pale mint covers the walls as different hue’s play off one another in this room.  The black chinoiserie features a simple blue fabirc while the gentle  rug pattern takes the spot light.  The gold tole lamp and simplistic gold coffee table add rich elegance to this room.

Green is a classic paint color for furniture.  This room works well, as the sheen is different on the furniture than on the walls. 

Three different tones accentuate the paneling; the console is painted to match.  Martha Stewart also adds green in hanging lamp, glass vessels, and sconce’s mirror which play off the walls. 

Orange and Blue work well together if they are within the classic pastel colors.  The wood tones and the gold act as neutrals pulling the rooms together.

Martha’s Bedford home features antiques which make for interesting design.  The color scheme is classic reds, black, gold and wood colors. 

English prints and this chinoiserie chest add a lot of detail in this red glamorous themed room.

Martha Stewart Pink and Oranges Make this Room Beautiful

A black painted bamboo chest works perfectly with the dark gray walls.  A collection of silver platters line the walls and work perfectly with the paint color

The lighter gray works great as a historical Swedish color.  The plaid accent covers, and window shades work perfectly as various surrounding colors are lighter and darker than the wall colors. 

 Martha Stewart Collection 8053 Blue Hubbard Photo Credit James Michael Howard

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