French Provincial Furniture

Faux Walnut Burl

100_36832-300x2242100_3685-224x300Walnut burl is one of the most interesting woods out there.  It is very rare to find a french piece in burl, and when you do, it is super expensive.  Knowing how to faux paint could save you a LOT of money!  The best workbooks on walnut burl and any other particular wood would be The Art of Faux.   The only way to learn is to be willing to try, and practice. I am just learning myself, and it can be a bit daunting to attempt to paint a piece with a finish you are not skilled at. The easiest way to try is just to go for it… and not worry about making it perfect. The great news is that with this finish, the oil paint will not dry for a good day, so you can mess around with it with paint thinner. (Read More.....)

Spectacular Painted Chests

Ellen Ward Scarborough AntiquesHarbingerThese are just some chests that caught my eye to be uniquely different. The paint finishes on some of these pieces are dreamy! (Read More.....)

Painted Neoclassical Sidetables

21These are some of the very best neoclassical french/italian side tables I have seen. Check out the color variations and the delicate carvings! They are truly a work of art on their own.  They can give you some really good ideas of what you can incorporate in your next painting product. (Read More.....)

French Sideboards Buffets

scan0073charles-faudrees-french-country-living004With the Popularlity of Digital TV’s and Flatscreens these French Country Sideboards and Buffet Tables are being re-purposed in new ways. Once held for only the dining room, many people are using them for entry way tables as the homes are now being built larger. They are perfect for those shabby paint finishes, or the classic swedish looks. Most commonly, this style is found to be produced in the 50’s and 60’s… (Read More.....)

Swedish Furniture

Ankasa-New-YorkWhiteShabby chic and Swedish looks are quite different, yet many people consider them to be in one category. Shabby Chic was a popular style that came about in the last 20 or so years, while Swedish style took place in the 18th century. One easy way of telling the difference is to look at the style of furniture. Shabby Chic painted furniture works really well with the french furniture of the 50’s while Swedish styles are common with the neoclassical furniture looks. (Read More.....)

Quick Period Furniture Chart

scan01361Earl-of-Warwick-Sofa-Side-Table-Ann-Getty-House-Collection1Do you ever get a little frustrated with determining which style of furniture your style fits into ? Check out this simple chart that explains the style and periods with the ease of a simple chart. Check it out. (Pictures , Earl of Warwick Sofa Side Table Ann Getty House Collection, Book, Period Style By Mary Gilliatt) (Read More.....)

American Painted Furniture

A guide to the 18th and 19th-century painted furniture that has dominated recent antiques shows. This book is an impressive array of works by prominent craftsmen.  ‘This survey of painted and gilded furniture explores the ornamented surfaces produced by American cabinetmakers and decorative painters from 1790-1880. The first part examines the major style centers of the East Coast. The second part features painted furniture produced in areas outside the great port cities–New England, the South, the Middle Atlantic states, and the western frontier.  This book presents an outstanding example of painted and gilded furniture.  350 PAGES of Full-color photos.  My Favorite Faux Painting books can be found here.  If you have one to suggest, please leave your comments.  I always am in search of new and fresh ideas for old world painting.  (Read More.....)