Zebra Serpentine French Dresser

Here is another example of a finish using an overhead projector.  dresser I painted using an overhead projector.  I started with a cream finish because I wanted to do a striking contrast with black and cream paint.  Later I changed my mind, and stained the dresser using wood stain.  To paint the zebra stripes an overhead projector comes in handy because the shapes are so delicate and work like puzzle pieces which fit together.   I painfully cut out my own small striped stencil in the past, but there is no way you can stencil a shape this big.  I suggest buying or renting an overhead projector for a finish like this.  Starting out with a wood finish would make this process much easier, which you could then use dark brown or black paint for the zebra stripes.

I think my original finish looked nicer than the end result in retrospect.

Faux Painting Zebra Stripes Using an Overhead Projector

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