Which Rooms in Your Home Do Well in Bright Hues?

Designer Hervé Van der Straeten's Paris apartment, Designer Hervé Van der Straeten’s Paris Apartment

When it comes to fairly inexpensive ways to dramatically change the look and feel of your home with relatively little labor and energy, there is simply nothing like a coat of paint. Painting a room – or several rooms – can reinvent your home’s motif and create an entire new ambiance in a single weekend.

Although style is subjective and everyone’s taste is their own, when it comes to paint, color – of course – is everything. Warm, soothing colors are perfect to create an intimate atmosphere, and neutral colors can make rooms look bigger and give a crisp, clean feel. There is nothing, however, like bold, bright colors. In the wrong rooms, they can look tacky, forced, and out of place. But when done correctly, a nice, bright room will be the one in the house that makes visitors wonder why they didn’t think of that.

Children’s Bedrooms

When it comes to your kids’ bedrooms, there are no rules. Your kid is bright and loud and demands to be seen – and so should his or her bedroom. Whether or not it jives with the style of the rest of your home, you kid’s room is his or her entire world. Get creative, use your imagination, and go big and bright.

Play Areas

Kids are drawn to bright, bold colors, and a playroom dedicated to your children’s imagination should almost always be bright. A positive side effect: Since so many toys and kids’ playthings are brightly colored, bright walls can provide cover for the inevitable playroom clutter and make the room look less scattered and disorganized.


Basements – often made of the home’s masonry foundation, and home to dismal-looking appliances such as boilers – can look drab and dingy, even when they’re neat and clean. Unless you have a refurbished basement that has a more formal, “upstairs” motif, don’t be afraid to use bright, bold colors to make up for a basement’s inherent lack of natural sunlight.


Whether we’re talking about the underside of a staircase, a single heating pipe, the baseboards, or a single wall, brights were born for accent coloring. Sometimes an entire room can’t handle the sheen of loud colors, but a more conservatively furnished room can be brought to life by a single bright accent. The spaces between your cabinet doors, for example, can be painted bright to accentuate your kitchen’s architecture.

People often shy away from bright colors because painting with them takes some courage. Earthtones are easy and be applied anywhere – but they’re also no fun. You don’t want your house to look like Ronald McDonald designed it, but brights give you the chance to let your personality – and a few rooms in your house – really shine.

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