Using Spackling Paste To Create Layering – Sausha’s Furniture Paint Technique

Using Spackling Paste To Create Layering - Sausha's Furniture Paint Technique

I started playing around with a metal putty knife and some paint to start adding layers of paint to the dresser. But, that didn’t work out. The paint was just too thin and didn’t really go anywhere, because the dresser was so textured, the paint just sat in a glob and just kinda smeared.

After trying that for a bit, I decided that my paint needed a little substance if this idea was going to work. So I took spackling paste and mixed it with some paint (about 4 parts paste to 1 part paint) – just mix it really good until the paste is the same color as your paint and there are no more lumps. I found the best method to trowel on the paint was a cheap plastic putty knife that had some give in it.


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