The Best Looking Rustic Outdoor Painted Furniture

Antique oval plant stand in wrought iron

As many people get ready for the spring and summer, they are looking for some great pieces to decorate their patio and gardens.  Outdoor paint is much different than indoor paint, so be sure to buy outdoor paint when you are painting our patio or garden furniture.  Outdoor paint is made so the the overall color doesn’t dull over time when lawn furniture is exposed to the sun.  Other formulas are specially designed to resist water.

Unlike interior paint, exterior paint must withstand a variety of harsh external influences such as rain, snow, and temperature changes.  All kinds of specialty paints have been formulated for particular areas of the home, such as roof paint, pool and marine paint, masonry paints, house and siding paint, gutter paint, concrete paint, and floor and porch paint.  Fortunately, there is a paint for every type of surface, and some paints are suitable for more than one surface.

Advantages and Disadvantages For Oil Based (alkyd) Paints:

I have used several different brands of oil based paints.  Coverstain is about the ONLY oil based paint that I ENJOY working with. Coverstain is an oil based primer that is TINTABLE.  You can tint it most colors and it is very easy to apply with a natural wood paint brush.

Like any paint, you need to seal up your container of paint, so the mixture doesn’t become too thick.  The nice thing about oil based paints, is you can add a touch of paint thinner if you want to thin the paint to make it easier to paint.

I used coverstain exclusively for several years with my painted furniture, because once it was dry, I was able to sand it with ease.  It dried very quickly, often over night, and the overall paint had great coverage.  Oil based paint sticks to almost everything including plastic, metal, concrete, you name it, it sticks to it.

I have tried many other oil based brands and I find they often take a long time to dry, which is very inconvenient.  In addition, they don’t sand that well, unless you get a brand that has a flat finish.  Coverstain makes a darn good primer.  If you are thinking of painting some outdoor furniture, consider getting Coverstain, which can be tinted the color you are hoping to paint.  A water based paint outdoor paint can can be then painted over coverstain.  Coverstain is a primer.  I have used it on my furniture, with polycrylic which seals in the overall finish.

Here are some additional qualities about oil based paint:

Oil based paints contain resin and more pigment for color. Basically oil paint consists of a pigment and a resin in a solvent thinner. When thinners evaporate, the resins form a hard coating, leaving behind the pigment.

-Oil paint penetrates the surface better and has better adhesion.

-Oil paint wears very well over the years, compared to water based paints.

-Oil finishes level as they dry, which means that you don’t see any brush strokes with oil based paint compared to water based paint.  Oil based paints show very little  brush and roller marks.

-Water based paints will not stick to oil based paints.  Oil if you can’t tell or are unsure about what type of paint is on the house, use an alkyd-base paint.

-Oil based paints have a lot of toxic gasses.  A person does need to wear a painting respirator when using these paints.  MSA Safety Paint and Pesticide Respirator has been a brand I have found comfortable.  This is the MAIN drawback to oil paints.  They aren’t good to breath in while you are painting.

(Like I mentioned above, Coverstain is a oil based primer that can be tinted, and water based paints can be used over top.  Coverstain is the exception)

-Alkyds, (oil based paints) are extremely durable, but they are more difficult to work with and they dry slowly.  Solvents must be used with alkyds to clean brushes, rollers, paint trays, and drips.

– Coverstain dries to the touch within 30 minutes, but you need to leave it set for several hours, before applying another coat of paint.  It needs to sit for an entire day before sanding.

-If you use oil based paints often, consider using an old coffee can with paint thinner.  The oil based paint settles at the bottom over a couple days, and the paint thinner tends to be clear again, allowing you to re-use your thinners.  I tend to pour the thinner into another container, and clean out the bottom of my can with a disposable paper towel, and pour back the thinner which can be re-used over and over again.  Again, always wear a mask.

Advantages and Disadvantages For Water Based (acrylic and latex) Paints:

-Water based paints are breathable (won’t trap moisture) on surfaces, and they don’t have toxic odors to them making them easier to paint with.

-Water based paints dry quicker. Oil paints usually take between 8 and 24 hours to dry, while water-based paints dry in just 1 to 6 hours. You can have a project dry in under 3 hours or less, allowing you to work on additional layers of paint, or sanding.

-Lets face it, water based paints are easy to clean.  Soap and water is all you need to have to clean up.

-Lower VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals)

– In general, water-based paints are preferred for most exterior applications, but oil-based paints may perform better under certain conditions. Water-based paints are flexible enough to expand and contract with weather compared to oil based paints.

-Latex paints with an all-acrylic binder hold up to weather better than latex paints with a vinyl-acrylic binder

Consider applying paint in the right weather.  In temperatures colder than 50˚F most paint won’t dry.  Also in direct sunlight paint will dry too fast, causing lap marks.  Heat will also cause lap marks.  Wind can also cause paint to dry too quickly in addition to blowing dirt onto the surface. Cold temperatures, rain and humidity can prevent paint from drying properly.

Interesting Outdoor Paint…..

Clear Floor Rustoleum Premium Clear Coating -2 part solvent base epoxy, high gloss clear floor coating , superior resistance to chemical standing water

-Krylon Outdoor Spaces Metallic Finish Aerosol Spray Paint, Gold

-Rust-Oleum 206999 Marine Topside Paint, White, Quart

-Zinsser, William & Co Perma-White Mildew-Proof Exterior Paint

-Zinsser Company 27295 Swimming Pool Paint 5 Gal – Blue

-Ivory Interior Exterior Decorator Spray Paint [Set of 6] IVORY

-Satin Painter’s Touch 2X Cover Spray Paint Paprika [Set of 6]

-Krylon Spray Paints Krylon Mango Satin Aerosol Outdoor Spaces

-Eclectic Coat It Waterproof Epoxy Sealer & Protector

-Rust-Oleum Satin Enamels Spray, Putty, (Oil Based) (One of the Best Colors For French Swedish White Washes….. Let the paint dry, and use a oil based paint in a butter yellow, which you paint on, and wipe off. )

-Rust-Oleum 7758830 Satin OIL BASED  Enamels TAUPE(ANOTHER One of the Best Colors For French Swedish White Washes….. Let the paint dry, and use a oil based paint in a butter yellow, which you paint on, and wipe off. )

-Rust-Oleum 7758830 Satin OIL BASED Enamels Spray, Almond,

-Rust-Oleum 7758830 Satin OIL BASED Enamels Spray, Black

-Rust-Oleum 7758830 Satin OIL BASED Enamels Spray, Cayenne Red

-Rust-Oleum 7758830 Satin OIL BASED Enamels Spray, Heritage Red

-Rust-Oleum 7758830 Satin OIL BASED Enamels Spray, Dark Brown

–Rust-Oleum 7758830 Satin OIL BASED Enamels Spray, Lake Blue

-Rust-Oleum 7758830 Satin OIL BASED  Enamels Spray, Dark Olive

-Rust-Oleum EPOXYShield Concrete Patch, 24-Ounce

-Rust-Oleum 245896 Enamels Spray, Seafoam

Rare Fiske Aquarium on Stand Signed & Dated

Early Tri Wheel Iron Industrial Factory Cart

Pair of Jardinieres

Table Originally Featured In Jeni Chou’s Wedding

French Antique Jardiniere In Iron

A rare Arras wrought-iron, four-shelf plant stand.

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