3 Ways To Add Antique Charm Into Your House

Antiques and wooden furniture are great to improve by using paint or stencils. All you need is your own imagination and you can convert vintage furniture into your own historical artifact. Paint can make it quick and easy to give a piece of furniture some personality.

1. Paint A Bedrail

How to Avoid Drips and Lines When Painting Furniture

Perfect Plum Dresser Twice Lovely

Painting furniture is perhaps the most easy, fun, and economical ways to achieve a room makeover quickly. However, regardless of how careful and meticulous you are with your paint brush, there are times when when drips, streams, and lines ensue.

Whether you’re painting 20-year-old kitchen […]

How To Achieve Swedish Painted Finishes

Late Gustavian Swedish pine bench Eleish Van Breems Antiques

Shabby chic and Swedish looks are quite different, yet many people consider them to be in one category. Shabby Chic was a popular style that came about in the last 20 or so years, while Swedish style took place in the […]