French Provincial Furniture

Knack Studio's Painted Furniture

Many of us who sell painted furniture began by selling furniture out of our homes, then grew and expanded by adding to our businesses over the years as we matured in the art of painting furniture.  There are so many ways of painting furniture, and each artist can set themselves apart by developing their own style and approach to painting.  Barb Blair, the owner of Knack Studios, has had tremendous success with her painted furniture business.  She got her start by featuring her furniture in an antique mall.  Today her painted furniture is featured in her own custom studio where she takes clients by appointment.  Blair also showcases her furniture at Antiques on Augusta – an upscale antique shop in Greenville, South Carolina.  Today her distinctive style is known across the United States.  Custom finishes at Knack Studios start at $400, and they can range in price depending on size, finish, details and hardware.  One of the most impressive details that originally caught my eye was Blair’s genius choice of color.  Knack Studio colors tend to be more muted when compared to colors often found in antique furniture.  Her style leans towards the gustavian and rococo gray and yellow tones.  The softer lines often seen in cottage and french furniture have become tremendously popular in recent years – often taking the place of the stiff lines seen in much of the modern furniture being produced these days.  Muted tones and clean traditional furniture lines have always had their place in American homes and will always remain in style as the fads come and go.  (Read More.....)

Painted Furniture Book Reviews- Annie Sloan's Inspirations In Painted Furniture

Inspirations In Painted Furniture was published in 1999, written by painter Annie Sloan who works and teaches specialized painting workshops in the United States, Europe, and England. Inspirations in Painted Furniture is one of over 20 books Sloan has published making her one of the most recognized specialty painters in her field.   Inspirations In Painted Furniture was one of Sloan’s earliest books in her career of publishing, and it features some rather dated techniques, but it still has a small collection of valuable tips that can be applied to today’s interior design and furniture painting.  This book features over 90 specially decorated pieces of furniture, and has some great instructions regarding basic faux techniques but fails to really show any high-end finished pieces with the painted finishes.  I am sure Sloan has evolved over the years with her techniques just like any painter does. The basic techniques such as dragging, combing and sponging are great basic techniques, but often are shown in most painting how-to books with bright colors in ways any decorator wouldn’t feature.  It is the same with this book, and almost every other book on faux painting that you will find.  One example of this I find in most painting books is using a grain roller to make faux wood grain with green paint. Where do we get green or purple wood in nature? (Read More.....)