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Award Winning Faux Painting Mural Artist Eric Grohe

I stumbled on an email forward not long ago of a talented mural artist who transforms the side of buildings into fabulous realistic murals.   It is one level of talent being able to paint an oil portrait well, but I think anyone would agree, that a person with the talent to transform a entire side of a building according to scale is in a league of their own.  Eric Grohe paints most of the artwork himself, while his Kathy (whom is an artist herself),serves as their project manager. Eric Grohe has been featured in numerous magazines and television broadcasts, and is an award winning artist of numerous awards such as the Signs of the Times international mural competition, and in 2002, he won both Best of Show and 1st Place. Other competitions have also recognized his work, notably the American Institute of Architects and the American Legion, Ohio. (Read More.....)