Get High Quality Antique Results With Chalk Paint

The talented Jonathon Marc Mendes-Painted Love used Annie Sloan Craqueleur and several Chalk Paint® hues as watercolors for the painted furniture mural. He’s taken inspiration for this piece from an English countryside with a gentleman’s hunting lodge feel. What do you think of the results?


Using Spackling Paste To Create Layering – Sausha’s Furniture Paint Technique

I started playing around with a metal putty knife and some paint to start adding layers of paint to the dresser. But, that didn’t work out. The paint was just too thin and didn’t really go anywhere, because the dresser was so textured, the paint just sat in a glob and just kinda smeared.


Add Patina And Age By Using Furniture Stripper- Susan’s Rustic Trunk Makeover

My original plan was to paint it with blues and grays but when I started to sand it I quickly found out that it just wasn’t going to happen. Whatever the top coat of white paint that was on this piece was not coming off easily. I applied stripper to help remove the white […]

Donna’s Pink Painted Tuula Chest

Re-Published Post From Distressed Donna Down Home Blog

The very minute I mixed the paint for this small dresser I knew her name was Tuula.

Most of you know Tuula McPhee of The Thrifty Rebel. I have been reading her blog for more than a year now and enjoy every post.

I thought […]