Painting Glass? Follow These Tips

Alphabet Shadow Box With Martha Stewart Glass Paint – Matsutake Blog

Many pieces of furniture have glass doors and other glass features. It’s not uncommon for those pieces of glass to be very plain-looking and without design. This can often be true with older pieces of home décor.

At one time, the original piece of glass was quite beautiful, but it has long since been broken and replaced with a less attractive piece. The simple way to make ‘plain’ glass extraordinary is to paint it.

Whether your goal is to create a modern version of painted glass or you prefer a more traditional look of stained glass, the process doesn’t have to be expensive. Most people enjoy do-it-yourself projects, and the results are beautiful.

The tips outlined in this article will guide you. If you get lost in the process, there are lots of detailed guides online.

Easy Faux Stained Glass

What You Need:

– A pattern (a page from a coloring book will work – this will be used on the glass, so ensure you like the image )

– The glass (if you don’t already have the glass, you will need to measure and purchase the size needed)

– White glue

– Small rod

– Clear glue

– Acrylic paints (You will need black and any other colors you prefer)

– Small cups

– Blunt paintbrush

– Black Sharpie

– Toothpicks

– Craft blade

– Super glue

– Clear acrylic spray sealant

The Process:

1. Draw or enlarge the pattern to the size of the glass.

2. Lay the glass over the pattern.

3. Empty out a small amount of the white glue into a cup or other container.

4. Add black paint to the bottle of glue and stir with rod. Add and mix paint until you get an even black color. Add cap back to glue bottle.

5. Use the black glue to follow the lines of the pattern on the glass. The glue lines should be thick.

6. Allow the glue pattern to dry overnight.

7. After the pattern is completely dry, you can use the craft blade to clean up any errors.

8. Mix acrylic paints with clear glue. Start with about one tablespoon of glue in your cup, then add one to two drops of paint to create the desired color.

9. Completely fill in all the spaces defined by the black lines.

10. Use toothpicks to pop any air bubbles.

11. Set the stained glass aside to dry overnight.

12. The Sharpie can be used to touch up any areas on the black pattern that needs attention.

13. Spray the completed project with clear acrylic spray sealant to protect it.

14. The stained glass can be super-glued into place.

Helpful Hints and Considerations

Before you begin painting the glass, you should ensure that it is clean. Typical glass cleaners work great, but a cheaper option is to use rubbing alcohol. This will remove dirt and grease from the glass.

All types of brushes work for glass painting, but some are better for certain purposes. For instance, natural-haired brushes tend to give smoother coverage than synthetic brushes. If acrylic paints are used, it is important to clean your brushes as soon as possible. Soap and water should work fine.

Sponges are great tools to use when painting glass. Use them for large areas or when you want to make the entire piece of glass one color. This often works well on cabinet doors.

Painted Glass – It’s More Than a Trend!

Obviously, the look of painted glass has been around for centuries. It is not a fad that is going to go out of style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it. Have some fun and add some stylish design to your own home. Painting glass really is a fun hobby, and it can result in fabulous pieces of furniture that will be treasured for years to come.

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For the glass painting part….  Stick your stencils on. Make sure the glass is super clean (use alcohol). Burnish the stencils onto the glass with a paper towel so they’re nice and stuck but don’t touch the glass with your greasy old fingers.   Squirt out a little paint onto a plate and dab the dauber into it. Then dab a little off. You want the dauber to be pretty dry. You can build up the paint layers if you want to make it really opaque. Just don’t dab too much on at once. I used white (wedding cake) but there are so many pretty colors to chose from. I mean, it’s Martha. She knows pretty”

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