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Painting For Kids

 Martin Rivera French Sketch Box Wooden Easel $91 on Amazon

The new generation admires the off beat styles, eclectic looks, and sharp modern designs that are are “new and fresh“.  Give a chic modern spin to your kids rooms, by painting their rooms in splashes of bright color with rich designs in geometrical patterns.

Before starting any renovation project, keep in mind the theme of the room.  Your kid’s interests and likes are the starting point to any new design scheme.  For a refreshing and modish look, pick a few colors that will blend together when deciding on theme and patterns. To transform a room on a limited budget, look for furniture around the home, which can be re-purposed. Outline whole theme on paper, which can be then carefully planned for a comfortable renovation.

Give Them Nature

For nature loving teens, create the outdoor in their bedroom with super stylish ceiling papers depicting bright blue skyline with fluffy white clouds. Consider installing hidden lighting towards the ceiling above built in bookcases, or cupboards to brighten up the faux painted sky.  To match the open sky setting, you can add some carpeting or rugs in green grass replication. It will not just transform the whole room into out-door imitation, but also keep the kids active and nature friendly.

Create An Art Studio

For young generation, it can be beneficial to learn the form of expressions that lets them pour out their emotions as certain opinions regarding social patterns and life itself. Renovate their room into art studio with a cool, stress free color, and add in a wooden easel.  Choose a cool blue, aqua or green shade to bring the accent in the room through focal wall that will serve as the canvas. To complement the art studio, purchase classic photo to canvas in reasonable price from online printing facility and adorn the opposite wall. Add some multi-color handmade yarn suspending light globes as chandelier to keep the artistic mood in flow.

Bright yellow Graffiti Wardrobe, Burke & Hazelden

Burke & Hazelden has brought together contemporany art with an injection of punk attitude. Interior designer, upholsterer and paint finishing expert Lisa Burke and her design partner Matt Hazelden created what is today one of the hippest furniture brands.

Fabulous Graffiti Art

Graffiti art no doubt is hip and in-style. Why not give them a rich gaudy fascination in form of graffiti headboard of their bed, a portion of side wall or even the inner side of door to bring the passion into their daily life. Don’t forget to match the graffiti color with the shades of other furnishes, fabric and curtains of the room, so the art should not look like wired addition.

Paint Canvas Furniture With Fabric Paint

If you had painted your kid’s room a few months back and cannot redo the whole expensive procedure, then paint furniture which can bring a fresh new look into the room. Adorning accessories like vases, trash containers, wall art, desks and dressers can add to the overall decor. Create a kaleidoscopic couch with help of fabric paints and wood paints to enhance a artistic look. All them to doodle on a white covered canvas fabric chair with fabric paint.  Let them add comic characters with text balloon cracking joke or conveying their innocent thoughts.

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Chair Couture.

French carved slipper chairs with original guilt patina, upholstered in green Maharam fabric-Chair Couture.

dachshund-chairsAmazing dachshund chairs by Jimmie Martin.

jimmie m dog chairsSpoil yourself with these chairs  Jimmie Martin.

London based design duo Jimmie Martin has been creating elaborate, unique furniture since 2004. Jimmie Martin provides an eclectic showcase of one-off pieces of furniture combining the decadent and quirky with the nostalgic and urban. There is a rare consistency of sophisticated pieces combined with a sexy, modern design element. They offer everything from chairs and sofas, to beds, wardrobes, tables, and even custom designed wallpaper!

jimmie m wardrobe1Jimmie Martin Wardrobe

French Graffiti BedFrench Graffiti Bed  Jimmie Martin.

graffiti sofa is from the (N.Y.C, East Village) house of Pamela Bell, one of four founding partners of the Kate Spade brand.

This graffiti sofa is from the (N.Y.C, East Village) house of Pamela Bell, one of four founding partners of the Kate Spade brand.

Pamela Bells House, Graffiti SofaPamela Bells House


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