Jenine Guariglia’s Faux Verdigris Tutorial

Jenine Guariglia's Faux Verdigris Tutorial

Here it is, the promised Verdigris ‘Faux like a Pro’ tutorial. I knew I wanted to do something old-world style. I get most of my best ideas from objects or architecture. Now I look at an old spoon or painted pot differently. I often ask myself “I wonder if I can duplicate that color scheme or look.”

I certainly can’t take all the credit for my wonderful dresser, like I mentioned I got a lot of my inspiration from Shelly, check out her cute blog. I found her picture through Google- I felt like out of all the faux verdigris picture, hers looked the most realistic to me.

I prepped my piece with the usual simple green solution to clean off the old dirt and grime, then a little sanding here and there.

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