Ivy Lane’s 8 Step Process To A Beautiful Rustic Finish

Ivy Lane's 8 Step Paint Process

Swooping brush strokes are used on the top. When the paint dried, we used a sanding block and softy sanded the top and the results are amazing. Textured and beautiful.

Ivy Lane's 8 Step Paint Process

The paint dries very matte and light. Once TC is applied and dry, the natural color returns and the chalky look is smooth and beautiful.

Ivy Lane's 8 Step Paint Process

We layered paint and wet distressed the base until we fell in love with the finish. The paint on the top of the table is drying – notice the variations in color as the paint dries.

Ivy Lane's 8 Step Paint Process

Top Coat really deepens the color of the top. This is TC wet.

Ivy Lane's 8 Step Paint Process

Wonderful step-by-step how to! By Ivy Lane

How to paint a table with American Paint Company’s Chalk and Clay paint…..

1) Wash cleaning your piece is mandatory preparation for Chalk and Clay paint.

2) Scuff (if necessary) – the surface of this table was glossy (see picture), so we took a sanding block and scuffed it up a bit so the paint would have something to grab onto. This took 2 minutes. We also hit the table top with a hammer and metal chain for extra distressing. Most surfaces do not require a scuffing before paint but save yourself time if you have a glossy surface by scuffing it first.

3) Paint – We painted the base an antique white (Home Plate) and the top a deep gray (Freedom Road). Two top selling colors at Ivy Lane. Two coats of each is all it took. We used swooping brush strokes on the table top for extra texture. In other words, we wanted to see the brush strokes. For a sleek look with zero brush strokes, water down the paint by dipping your brush in water or by simply misting the paint as you brush with squirt bottle. A super soft brush is also recommend for sleek finishes.

4) Paint techniques – We decided to add depth to the legs with a layering effect so we dry brushed and wet distressed the base layering the gray over white and washing the white over the gray. It’s a process we call layering. The top was white washed very slightly over the deep gray to soften the color. We used a rag that had watered down Home Plate (white) on it and lightly wiped it over the gray top and it came out fantastic. Once the paint dried, I slightly sanded the top of the table to soften the swooping brush strokes and this also add texture. Something special happens when you sand the Chalk and Clay paint after it dries — it adds texture and variations of color. If you want a slick, consistent finish without texture, skip this step.

5) Dry – Let the paint dry for 24-48 hours. It’s important that your paint is dry before you apply finish.

6) Finishes – at this time you can add a glaze, mica tinted glaze to your piece. So many options. We are happy to help you with this decision. We liked the finish we accomplished and decided to go with a simple Top Coat finish and no glaze.

7) Top Coat – we applied American Paint Company’s Top Coat (TC) finish and diluted TC 1 part water, 2 part TC for a matte finish. Top Coat full strength has a satin finish, watering it down will provide a beautiful matte finish. Dining table tops require 4-5 coats. The base of the furniture requires less, 2 coats. TC dries fast. You may apply wax, clear or dark, over TC. It glides over the TC and creates a beautiful finish but it is NOT necessary. If you want to add wax, buff after an hour of application for smooth finish. We did not add wax to this piece.

8) Cure time – all paints and finishes, regardless of brand, take 30 days to cure.
We at Ivy Lane are here for you. You need not take a workshop to get beautiful results with American Paint Company products when you have a retailer who is there to help you step-by-step of the way. Our workshops provide an exploration into the line. We teach many different techniques so our customers have more information and experience regarding various finishes and techniques available to them. Some customers want to take a workshop or two and others want to pop open a quart and get painting. Either way, we are always there to help our customers.
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