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French Louis XV Dresser

louis-xv-louis-xvi-beeandrooster-ebay12This chest is quite stunning!  I have come across 5 of these chests so far, and 4 have been online.  I originally ran across one locally, and ended up keeping it for myself because I loved the curves so much.  I haven’t decided what paint finish I am going to splash on as of yet, but I am sure any finish could not take away the beauty of this particular dresser. Check out the antique finish on the Louis XV dresser from  Beeandrooster from Ebay.  What a fabulous job they did!



   Here is the dresser I have~  I haven’t decided what to paint it as of yet.  It has been painted black which looks pretty dynamite!











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  • sharlene

    Hi, If this is a Drexel it will have the name inside one of the draws.I have a bedroom set that was my parents.The bed can make in to two twins or a queen, just have to slid together.The man drsser has 7 draws. The woman’s has 9 draws with a huge morra. It has a vantiy with bench.VERY HEAVY SET. It is white with gold trim.The legs are diffent the the one you have. I been thinking of stripping it.

  • admin

    Hi Sharlene,

    I am crazy about French provincial Furniture, it is so pretty. It sounds like your set is beautiful. Some of the white finishes on the traditional French sets are pretty easy to strip, while others are super hard to get the paint off. A dealer once told me that some of the manufactures bake the white paint on their sets so they are durable… I would give it a shot. Stripping off paint is a big project, but if you have a finish in mind and love the dresser ,……it is worth the effort

  • I love your dresser. French Provincial furniture, to me is simply beautiful. I’m currently looking for a piece similar to serve as a buffet in my dining area. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours.

  • admin

    Check out my other site…. When it comes to French /Italian furniture I am crazy for it!

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