Striped Painted Furniture

This chest is one of the most spectacular painted chests I have seen.  The designer Delphine Groult is known for her life size pop art and her brightly colored wooden furniture.  Delphine Groult was selected to represent France at the world fair in Aichi in Japan. Her beautiful furniture can be found here.  Delphine Groult Coporation

Doing quick furniture makeovers is one of the most rewarding hobbies a person can have.  After all, who doesn’t love looking at furniture before and after pictures.  I am always amazed at what a couple of coats of paint can do.  Painted furniture can really add that “wow factor” to a room.  Not only is it fun to see a dramatic transformation, but in many cases what was once a throw-away piece can become one of the most unique pieces in your home if you give it a different color scheme.

When I am all out of ideas to paint furniture, I look to silk scarves for inspiration because they often feature geometrical designs which can transfer to furniture.  Silk scarves feature carefully designed geometrical patterns or like-minded shapes which can give you ideas for painted furniture.

Whether you have a ranch home with contemporary-neutral colors, or have a rococo inspired home with pastels and high impact colors, there is a silk scarf that fits your style.  In fact there are hundreds of silk scarves all with different scenes and interests.

Gilt metal chair frames work elegantly with virtually any color.  Contrasting colors against gold have high impact.  Colors such as purple, mango,and apple green look outstanding with gold.   Adding ormolo hardware will go a long way to creating a statement chair.

If you do plan on working with silver or gold consider gold leafing.  Working with gold leaf can be tricky, but there are simpler methods of getting the finish to replicate real gold.  Gold leaf accents dark and bright silk colors beautifully.

If you choose to use a silk scarf to upholster an accent chair, be sure to use interfacing.

Silk is not recommended for upholstery, so in order to make your scarf durable to use on a chair, you will need to purchase iron-on interfacing.  Interfacing is a durable fabric with glue on one side which when heated will fuse together this durable fabric permanently with your scarf making your fabric much tougher.  Be sure to try it on an extra “throw away scarf”  before trying it with the fabric you intend to use.  I use interfacing on all my upholstery projects.  Below are examples of interfacing.

Fusible Non-Woven Interfacing- 15 Inch W x 3yds, Medium Weight Iron-On Fusible Interfacing- 20 Inch W x 1yd

Here are some additional patterns which would look outstanding painted on furniture…….

Silk Scarf Inspiration

Coach Silk Scarf, COACH Stripe Muli Legacy Colors Silk Scarf Ebay Seller Sassyamcouture, Gucci Bamboo Silk Scarf


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  • Grace

    Hi Meranda,
    What a great idea, using scarves to upholster. You did a great job with the chair. It makes it look so chic and the pictures of the scarves are more interesting than the fabric that you buy by the yard. Thanks for sharing!

  • admin

    Thanks Grace…. It is certainly an idea worth exploring. Silk scarves have so many different patterns that there is a pattern for everyone’s home. Silk is so beautiful, it can really make a chair look special, unique and one of a kind