Chairs Which Were Going To The Firepit- MaJeana Hallstrom’s Dramatic Hepplewhite Bench

MaJeana Hallstrom's Before

MaJeana Hallstrom’s Before

MaJeana Hallstrom's After

MaJeana Hallstrom’s After

“My husband told me to throw them (the “before” chairs) in the fire pit!!! BUT…. I saw something different from what he saw and was bound and determined to proved to him I was going to create something beautiful from those very sad, old Hepplewhites!!! The bench is my “after!””

“I liked the design with four legs in front (vs 6), I followed construction directions I found in posts by Clif Creation (Oct 2012) and Frou FruGal (July 2011). (Basically, the only parts of the middle chair that are used are the back–including the legs, and the front skirt of the chair, which was cut down to fill the space between the two end chairs.).”

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