French Provincial Furniture

American Painted Furniture

A guide to the 18th and 19th-century painted furniture that has dominated recent antiques shows. This book is an impressive array of works by prominent craftsmen.  ‘This survey of painted and gilded furniture explores the ornamented surfaces produced by American cabinetmakers and decorative painters from 1790-1880. The first part examines the major style centers of the East Coast. The second part features painted furniture produced in areas outside the great port cities–New England, the South, the Middle Atlantic states, and the western frontier.  This book presents an outstanding example of painted and gilded furniture.  350 PAGES of Full-color photos.  My Favorite Faux Painting books can be found here.  If you have one to suggest, please leave your comments.  I always am in search of new and fresh ideas for old world painting.  (Read More.....)

Painted Louis Chests

scan0008Traditional HomeCharles Faudree's French Country Livingn0001The finish is outstanding on this beautiful cream Louis Chest. You can reproduce this finish with white paint, and a brown glaze used over the white. Another way to achieve this look is to start with a Beige paint, and paint the entire chest. After it is dry, you then want to take white oil paint, and with a quick technique, paint an entire area, and then take it off with a disposable paper towel. After it is finished, you can apply a brown glaze. This second finish gives one more color to the dresser adding dimention. (Read More.....)

Rococo Tortoise Shell Gilt Wood Chest

3-224x3004-224x300This spectacular chest is featured in lobby of a stunning condo building in Arlington VA. I loved it so much I had to take pictures.  I was really impressed with the finish under the gold ordiments.  It looksed to be an orange paint finish with black opaque spots.  It was really stunning! (Read More.....)

Pie Crust Tilt Table

Napoleon-III-black-lacquered-tilt-top-table-Seller-Objects-Plusscan0001-3-735x1024Traditional Home had a feature on Pie Tables, which was inspired by the auction House Christies which just sold a pie table for 1 Million- “this is the first piece of furniture of any kind to sell at auction for more than $1 million, a Philadelphia piecrust table sold at Christie’s in January 1986 for $1,045,000. Last October, Christie’s sold another example from Philadelphia, the Fisher Fox family piecrust table, owned by the same family for the past 250 years, for a whopping $6,761,000.”  (Black Napoleon III black lacquered tilt top table Seller Objects Plus) (Read More.....)

Painted Tole Tray

Mantle9808005Small1One of the most stunning pieces of art are the trays that were popular in the 1940’s.  These beautiful metal trays are often referred to “toleware.” They are always made of metal, and often you see these classic trays painted with a black background with a colorful enameled picture decoratively painted.  Many popular versions of tole trays feature elebrate floral pictures, with gold details.  Emerged around the 18th century, they were common primarily among Scandinavian immigrants in New England. (Read More.....)

Painting Swedish Style

12The traditional “french provincial bed” that was made in the 1950’s is a great french style bed that is affordable to paint or upholster.  The picture to the left is the perfect illustration of a swedish paint finish, as well as illustrating how stunning this French bed looks when upholstered.  French beds are extremely popular, and with the right touches you can take a broken down piece and make it into something beautiful. (Read More.....)

Zebra Painted French Provincial Dixie Dresser

100_3100zebra-dresser-finished-300x208The Dixie Brand is a pretty common French Provincial Brand of furniture originally sold in the 40’s and 50’s If you want a pretty and affordable dresser that looks quite French but without the price tag, this is a dresser that you can find easily on ebay and fix it up into something special and uniquely your style. (Read More.....)