French Provincial Furniture

Marcel Prins's Unique Painted Walls

Apartment Therapy had a post featuring a designer from the Netherlands, who designed a home around frames of metallic color.  Designer Marcel Prins,who was designing the Berrington House in Munich, painted all the walls in metallic paint in blocks of different hues of green, bronze, and gold.  The Berrington-house features 24 colours metallic colors that flow from one room to another in different shades.  Metallic paint has a glamorous feel to it that when decorating, you want to consider like objects with similar properties with glossy finishes such as marble, lacquered furniture, glass and mirrors.  Metallic paint will almost bring light into any room because of its over all shine.    (Read More.....)

Book Review: Painted Finishes For Walls & Furniture By Susan Goans Driggers

I recently was able to take a good look at Susan Driggers Painted Finishes For Walls & Furniture, and I honestly have to say it fails to impress.  This  guide shows how to create a variety of the basic faux finishes which are used by even the most skilled painters, but fails to inspire a excited painter with finished furniture that could be created.   This book was published in 1999, which may account for some of the older painting styles that include stencils and decorations on furniture which are no longer in style. The book features 30 projects, but among those projects is a great wall technique they used on a lower wall featured on  page 46.  (Read More.....)

Bryonie Porter's Wallpaper Furniture

Bryonie Porter creates outstanding wallpapered furniture from the most famous wallpaper companies such as Cole & Son, Osborne & Little, and Timorous Beasties. She does a wonderful job of matching up the paint with the colors in the wallpaper.  Do take a look at her wonderful website with many more of her wallpaper creations.   Decoupage looks quite complicated, but it is much easier than it looks.  With a little patience, you can cover a lovely chest with beautiful wallpaper using some easy techniques that will allow you to have an ornatly detailed piece of furntiure without the laborous time painting the details.   We show you some simple tricks to creating the perfect decoupage wallpaper chest.  (Read More.....)

Notorious Sponge Painting Mistakes

Sponging was such a popular faux finish pushed in the 80’s that everyone gave it a try.  Bad sponging jobs from amateur painters have turned the majority of the public off from sponging faux finishes all together. I am an active buyer on craigslist, and way too often have I seen very poor sponging finishes in homes that is no wonder that sponging has such a bad rap. Everyone has seen this finish done wrong. Sponge painting is one of the key tools in every professional faux artists tool kit that if it is done properly can be one of the most fantastic finishes around. We want to show you the main reasons this faux finish fails and what you can do to get it right. (Read More.....)

Award Winning Faux Painting Mural Artist Eric Grohe

I stumbled on an email forward not long ago of a talented mural artist who transforms the side of buildings into fabulous realistic murals.   It is one level of talent being able to paint an oil portrait well, but I think anyone would agree, that a person with the talent to transform a entire side of a building according to scale is in a league of their own.  Eric Grohe paints most of the artwork himself, while his Kathy (whom is an artist herself),serves as their project manager. Eric Grohe has been featured in numerous magazines and television broadcasts, and is an award winning artist of numerous awards such as the Signs of the Times international mural competition, and in 2002, he won both Best of Show and 1st Place. Other competitions have also recognized his work, notably the American Institute of Architects and the American Legion, Ohio. (Read More.....)

Chinoiserie Painted Furniture ~Louis XV Chest

This bow-front French Louis XV Style “Coromandel” Commode features lacquered black paint and Chinoiserie motifs on ebonized mahogany. This chest found at Negrel Antiques in Austin Texas is a shining example of how beautiful Chinoiserie motifs can enhance the beauty of a chest.  This particular chest has 2 drawers with cabriole legs with bronze sabots.  The white marble top gives this chest a beautiful contrast against the black lacquer and hand painted chinoiserie.   The bronze hardware and acanthus leaf designs really stand out against the black lacquer, and complement the complexity of the chinoiserie designs. The keyhole escutcheons and rococo handles are  original hardware during the Louis XV period.   (Read More.....)

Painted Furniture Book Reviews- Annie Sloan's Inspirations In Painted Furniture

Inspirations In Painted Furniture was published in 1999, written by painter Annie Sloan who works and teaches specialized painting workshops in the United States, Europe, and England. Inspirations in Painted Furniture is one of over 20 books Sloan has published making her one of the most recognized specialty painters in her field.   Inspirations In Painted Furniture was one of Sloan’s earliest books in her career of publishing, and it features some rather dated techniques, but it still has a small collection of valuable tips that can be applied to today’s interior design and furniture painting.  This book features over 90 specially decorated pieces of furniture, and has some great instructions regarding basic faux techniques but fails to really show any high-end finished pieces with the painted finishes.  I am sure Sloan has evolved over the years with her techniques just like any painter does. The basic techniques such as dragging, combing and sponging are great basic techniques, but often are shown in most painting how-to books with bright colors in ways any decorator wouldn’t feature.  It is the same with this book, and almost every other book on faux painting that you will find.  One example of this I find in most painting books is using a grain roller to make faux wood grain with green paint. Where do we get green or purple wood in nature? (Read More.....)