Chelsea Turns A Plain Ikea Dresser Into A Union Jack Beauty

For our new apartment, Mr. Lovely and I wanted a dresser with a little personality. We looked high and low — furniture stores, estate sales, flea markets. But we just couldn’t find one that was right, so you can see where this is going. DIY time! This little baby takes some work but the […]

Painted Furniture By Vintage Fresh Shop

Mid Century Dresser By Vintage Fresh Shop

This mid century modern dresser has been refinished in charcoal gray and new modern brass hardware. Perfect in a nursery as a combination dresser and changing table, or a stylish addition to your own bedroom- this piece will make a statement […]

Bright Painted Painted Furniture

Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan in Antibes Green Found on

Old White Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan lettering on furniture piece by the Sophia’s Decor blog. Found on

Milk painted desk. Love! Found on

Off Beat, Electric Painted Furniture

Martin Rivera French Sketch Box Wooden Easel $91 on Amazon

The new generation admires the off beat styles, eclectic looks, and sharp modern designs that are are “new and fresh“. Give a chic modern spin to your kids rooms, by painting their rooms in splashes of […]

Painting With Brighter Paint Colors: 80 Painted Furniture Ideas

Fluorescents have made their way back into fashion and home decor in a big way. Add vibrancy into your home by using saturated paint shades on your accent chairs, desks, side tables and wall art. With vivid color, there are a couple tricks to getting a bold pop of color without it being overwhelming…..

1. […]