Add a Pop of Color to Your Office with Painted Furniture

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There are lots of ways to add color to an otherwise drab and corporate atmosphere, and very few of them require the spending of lots of money.

Byline: Erin Steiner is a freelance writer and blogger living in Portland, Oregon.

Unless your employer insists on a uniform look for the entire company, there is no reason to settle for boring old office furniture. Why people think that an office has to look serious and drab (except for a few personalizing tchotchkes or art installations) is beyond us. The truth is that you can have a beautiful and unique office while still maintaining your professionalism.

The easiest way to do this is to paint your office furniture. There are special paints that you can buy to go over the laminate and metal surfaces of any standard office desk. If your employer will not let you paint the furniture that he or she has supplied, you can cheaply and easily swap it out for your own—just start keeping an eye out for used office furniture to make sure that you get a good deal.

Once you have the furniture that you are allowed to paint on hand, go to town! Here are some ways to add some brilliant color to your office space…without making it look like a colorblind toddler has been set loose with a paintbrush:

·Stick with bold and deep colors or light pastel colors. Very light shades of pink, for example, or a deep wine red color are good choices. Superman cape red, however, might not be a good idea. Emerald green or lightened grass green colors are much better than Jolly Rancher green. Stay away from neon colors at all costs…unless you actually work in a business that caters to preteen girls.

· You can also combine colors. You’ve heard of shabby chic, right? In which you take a piece of used furniture and paint it so that it looks like a rehabbed antique? Why not do that with your office desk? With the right brushes and the right touch, it isn’t hard to take even a metal desk and make it look like it is made out of actual wood. Use a bold and rich red for the primary color and then use a really light pink or green (you want it nearly white) to simulate the wood grain.

You don’t have to limit your color splashes to your desk. If you want to keep the same standard desk, add color to your office with your other pieces of furniture. Find boldly painted end tables to go in the corners or place one between the chairs that face your desk. If you have space for bookshelves, get those painted in your favorite colors.

That’s better!

There are lots of ways to add color to an otherwise drab and corporate atmosphere, and very few of them require the spending of lots of money.

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