9 Ways To Transform Vintage Furniture

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Nowadays, emphasis on reusing and repurposing has many people selling their gently used furniture instead of throwing it away. In addition to being better for the environment, selling used furniture benefits the seller and buyer financially.

To get the most out of used furniture sale, there are some tips that can be used to get furniture in tip-top shape. Incorporating some of these tips into the pre-sale process can ensure the furniture is safe, attractive, and ready to command the best possible price.

1. Clean it Up.

At the very least, a used furniture item should be cleaned before it’s put up for sale. Remove dirt and stains with a solution that’s appropriate for the type of material used to make the furniture.

2. Repair the Finish.

Scratches or peeling paint will decrease the value of gently used furniture. There are many wax-based products available that can fill in scratches so the owner can paint over them, resulting in a smooth finish.

3. Replace Hardware.

Old, broken hardware detracts from a furniture piece’s appearance and functionality. The simple process of replacing old hardware can greatly improve the beauty and value of a piece of used furniture.

4. Moisturize and Polish.

Wood furniture can become dry over time, leading to fading and cracking. Use an appropriate wood moisturizer to replenish lost moisture in the wood, and then follow up with a high-quality polishing product to restore luster.

5. Clean Upholstery.

Dirty, stained upholstery is going to deter would-be customers from buying used furniture. Give the item a good cleaning with an appropriate store-bought cleaner or a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water.

6. Get Rid of Odors.

No one wants to purchase furniture with a heavy smoke or food odor clinging to it. After washing the item, allow it to air out until the odor is gone.

7. Know What’s Being Sold.

Potential buyers may ask what the item is or what company it came from. As a seller, it’s important to have the answers since this extra knowledge can increase the value of the furniture being sold.

8. Consider Sales Options.

Many individuals sell used furniture items online or at a garage sale, but there are other options available such as flea markets and consignment shops. Check out your options before settling on something!

9. Maintain a Good Seller Reputation.

No matter what venue or method a person uses to sell gently used furniture, if they do so regularly, their online reputation will become an important factor. To avoid issues, it’s best to maintain a good reputation as a seller online and offline.

Have Fun with It

Selling gently used furniture is something that should be fun for the seller as well as the buyer. As the suggestions above are followed, they shouldn’t result in tons of work. The process of cleaning up and preparing a piece of furniture for sale can actually become an enjoyable hobby.

Who knows? An individual may start out wanting to sell one piece of gently used furniture and find out they’ve found a new way to earn extra income.

Mary Ylisela is an author who writes about business, health and wellness, and enjoys refinishing antique furniture.

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