3 Ways To Add Antique Charm Into Your House

Creating The Look - Swedish Style

Antiques and wooden furniture are great to improve by using paint or stencils.  All you need is your own imagination and you can convert vintage furniture into your own historical artifact.  Paint can make it quick and easy to give a piece of furniture some personality.

1. Paint A Bedrail

Try something new and different by painting a bedrail.  To alter your room slightly, add a wood chair rail and paint it a bold color.  Another way to do this, is to use tape, and create lines on the wall to create a faux chair rail.  For textured walls, apply the tape, and then apply a clear layer of polycryclic. Let the clear paint dry, and then add your desired color.  Creating clean lines with textured paint can be almost next to impossible, but this simple trick will allow you the straight painted line you desire.

2. Faux Architectural Elements On The Walls

Your accessories can be focal points which can introduce color, such as canvas prints. Upload your own photo, and create a canvas print out of it.  Re-create the old world portrait paintings through r personalized canvas prints.

Paint silhouettes on the wall of architectural features such as swags, columns, or faux beadboard.  The Swedes did this for years, because they couldn’t afford the costly materials that the French were known for.  Create faux marble, or the classic columns seen in Greece.  Anything is possible with paint.

3. Fabric Paint

Old luxurious sofa chairs can embellish regal settings but they can be useless if you decide to change the style of your home interior. If you want a quick change-up, consider fabric paint to perk up your interior without the expense of all new upholstery.

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