5 Best Colors To Paint Your Furniture When You Are Just Beginning

Painting your own furniture gives you the ability to create an accent piece that can bring the whole room together. The right color can make your furniture look light and inviting, or it can make the piece look powerful and daring. While there are thousands of colors to choose from, there are a few that are best when you are just starting out. The following five colors should work with just about any room. Be sure to take your room’s color into account before choosing any of the following colors.


White is a very neutral color that can be used to great effect. Unlike some other colors that might clash, white works regardless of the color of your walls and other accent pieces. If you have a light room, then the white will make the furniture appear light and cozy. If you have a darker room, then the white will stand out. The furniture will still look light, but it will bring more attention to the piece.

White is perhaps one of the most basic colors for furniture. At the same time, it is still very useful for decorating your room. If you want a nice color that will work anywhere, then white is one of the best.

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Black is the opposite of white, but is can still work in nearly any room. Black is a very striking color that will stand out in most rooms, but it might be a little overpowering if the rest of the room is very dark. Anything painted this color will look daring and powerful. Black is a sophisticated color that commands a lot of attention. If you want the piece to stick out, then black is a great color choice.

Black can work in some dark rooms, but just be careful. Too many dark colors can make the room intimidating or difficult to see.


Blue is naturally a very calming color, and this works regardless of the shade. Both light blues and dark blues are very calming. This means that you can easily adjust the shade to fit the rest of the interior. It’s usually good to have a little bit of contrast when using blue to make it stick out, but not too much. For example, use a medium blue if you have a light room.

Blue will also work with most colors. While it may be a little difficult to use blue with rooms that have a lot of red because it might create a vibrating edge, you generally don’t have to worry about this.


Red is another great color to use when you first start painting furniture. Red is incredibly daring and dramatic. It will make almost any piece stand out. At the same time, you don’t need to have a daring piece for it to look good. A standard chair can be greatly enhanced with some red paint. While lighter shades of red might look good in some situations, you will commonly find that medium to darker shades of red are better for most furniture pieces.


Brown is a natural color that is quite neutral. You can use it in almost any room without it interfering with the other colors. Brown is not the strongest color, but it’s one of the best if you want to incorporate the piece within the room. One of the best things about brown is that all of the shades look great. Light brown is organic and looks very clean, medium brown is a common color that will easily work in any room and dark brown allows you to give the piece some character.

Brown is commonly found in most rooms because many people use wood. A brown piece of furniture will easily blend with any wooden pieces you have in the room.


There are a lot of colors you can choose for your furniture. While there are other colors that might work better in your room depending on how it looks, these five colors are among the best. They will fit into almost any setting, and they will give your furniture some character. If you are just starting out, then you should choose one of the five colors above.

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