4 College Courses That Can Teach You How to Build Your Own Furniture

Some young boys and girls get their first taste of building items from wood kits purchased from big box hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot. The satisfaction that comes from making a birdhouse or mini toolbox is outwardly evident on the children’s faces. Applying that finishing touch of colorful paint or varnish makes the job complete and ready to be displayed.

Becoming an adult master carpenter or even an amateur furniture-building enthusiast doesn’t need to be a series of hit-or-miss experiments in wood joining. There are continuing education workshops and college courses that can teach you how to build your own furniture.

Community Wood Shop

The Community Wood Shop in Los Angeles is a terrific place to try your hand at carpentry. Master craftsmen instruct students on a range of courses from basic woodworking skills to wood turning and wood insetting. No prior experience is necessary. You can enroll in the entire course, or just pick and choose a few classes. All the tools are already on-site and you will be taught how to use each of them safely. Memberships are available, as are gift certificates.

Red Rocks Community College

Located in scenic Colorado, Red Rocks Community College offers a program that will teach you how to build furniture, turn wood, and fashion working guitars. Utilizing the best techniques from the old world and mingling them with modern methods, the Red Rocks fine woodworking classes are second to none in presenting a well-rounded understanding of carpentry. Class sizes are limited to about 12 students, so there is plenty of hands-on experience. Classes with more than ten students are assigned an instructor plus an assistant.

Carpentry requires precise measuring.

Brian Boggs Chairmakers

You don’t have to be content with just buying a handcrafted Brian Boggs chair. If you live in or near Strasburg, Virginia, you can attend either an introductory set of courses or master courses taught by a master chairmaker at Brian Boggs Chairmakers. The styles of chairs you can learn to make include a classic ladderback, side chair, rocking chair, and arm chair. Just imagine what a wonderful gift you could create and give to a special person in your life, or maybe even yourself.

The Heartwood School for the Homebuilding Crafts

In Washington, MA, The Heartwood School for the Homebuilding Crafts caters to everyday laymen and women who desire to build something tangible and beautiful with their own hands. Workshops in house building, woodworking, and carpentry for women are available year round. Founded on a belief that the human spirit is powerhouse of strength and determination, The Heartwood School welcomes everyone, regardless of past experience or woodworking knowledge. This educational facility is a fantastic place to share ideas and newly learned skills with like-minded people.

High paying careers aren’t limited to white collar professions like accountants, physicians, or lawyers. A lot of money can be made in skilled trades such as carpentry, particularly when you become a master and open your own furniture-building business. And if you’re interested in building your own furniture not for the money, but for the love of craftsmanship, you’ll be halfway there.

For an expansive list of woodworking courses worldwide, go to FineWoodworking.com.

Kate Supino is a professional freelance writer and small business owner who writes extensively about how to have a successful home business.

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