30 Inspirational Cobalt Blue Painted Furniture Ideas

Painted Furniture -Cobalt Blue Demi-Lune From One Kings Lane

People have been found to be more productive in blue rooms, especially with tasks involving creativity and imagination. Perhaps it’s because they feel so relaxed! Blue, then, is an appropriate color for a study, studio, or office.

1. Cobalt Blue Spray Painted Coffee Table Erin Wynne’s Pinterest 

2.This beautiful entry uses blue on a painted demilune table and matches the color up on the walls for a very paired down minimal effect.  The interior is based around white and blue, and the wood floor grounds the look quite nicely.  Featured on Melanie Arsenault’s Pinterest 

3.The Most Famous Room Painted in Cobalt Blue Jk Capri Photography

4.Ann Marie’s Cobalt Blue Makeover- Twice Lovely Blog

5.Traditional Home featured Chicago Apartment with A BOLD Blue color on the walls with Hollywood Regency furniture.  A white “Tulip” chair from Baker and an over-sized 1960s enameled sconce pop against walls painted Farrow & Ball’s “Hague Blue

6.Trying Another Color Of Blue, This interior features a lighter shade of blue on the walls, and harmonizes the look by painting the accent chair a deeper hue of the wall shade.  “Blue Seafoam by Benjamin Moore — instantly won over Margot Brunelle Fooshee and her husband when they first saw this Long Island house. A chair in a harmonizing color was a gift from Margot’s mother, from the family’s summer house in Nantucket. Preserved 18th-century floorboards were simply sanded and waxed. ”  House Beautiful   

7. The gentle progression of color from the wall color to the accessories in the room.  This is an exceptional example of decorating with the color blue.   The headboard slipcover and matching pillowcases are shrouded in sky-blue linen that’s dyed a deeper, sea-inspired tone, embodying the spare beauty of a monochromatic palette.

8.Bright Blue Cobalt is used on the walls while French Provincial chairs are used with Beige upholstery and light wood french furniture to bring a calming effect to the powerful cobalt blue.  -Melanie Arsenault’s Pinterest  

9. Irish Country Houses features 10 houses from author Irish aristocrat Glin FitzGerald’s own Castle with Blue Cobalt walls to other homes featuring classic Georgian interiors. 

10. This Swedish cabin uses a cobalt blue on a raw wood door with white stenciling for a primitive effect.  This beautiful home was featured in Ville & Casali in 2006 

11.  Melissa Rufty’s bright cobalt gloss walls are still being blogged today.  The room shines like a diamond and is accented with traditional furniture.  Who knew blue would look so awesome in gloss!

12. Bryonie Porter decoupages a chest using Osborne & Little wallpaper which has tones of cobalt blue.  Detail such as this would take a long time to paint, why not decoupage?

13.Delft Blue Tiles are known to have tones of bright cobalt blue.  Here we see an entire wall tiled with delft blue tiles by a London based company.  The classic clawfoot tub is painted a cobalt blue to tie in with the colors in the tiles.  This photo has to be one of the prettiest photos around for those considering decorating with blue.

14. A series of chairs are painted various shades of blue ranging from cobalt blue to cornflower blue and lighter shades such as baby blue.  –Sue Craven’s Pinterest 

15.  This wall by Martha Stewart features a series of framed bandanna’s in darker shades of navy blue with complex patterns.  The walls are painted a vibrant shade of cobalt blue.

16.Scandinavian Antiques has some of the most spectacular furniture around.  Here they feature Romanian bench circa 1880, with a country flair. The design on the front of the bench emphasizes two blooming roses, and the hand painted design continues on the back rest. The color of the bench is very close to cobalt blue.

17.  In this picture white painted metal tables sit against a brightly painted cobalt blue wall.  A panel of Ikat fabric that has tones of cobalt blue, white and cornflower complement the walls nicely.  An Indian Summer Blog

18. Several rooms are painted in Trompeloeil style with cobalt blue and white paint.

19. Cobalt blue is painted on the outside of this moroccan styled building with graduating color in tones blue running up the side of the building. This picture looks as if it is from the same building Teresa Franz-Brown’s Pinterest

20.Clare Fraser’s Swedish bedroom is based around a neoclassic cobalt blue and white wallpaper.  A walnut bombe chest and gold wall sconces really pop against the bright color.

21.  French styled doors feature a bold shade of cobalt blue, which nicely contrast the burnt orange colored stone.  Teresa Franz-Brown’s Pinterest

22.This kitchen features cobalt blue painted cabinets.  The framed cabinets look very high end against white marble countertops-Esther DeVore’s Pinterest 

24. The french styled architecture is beyond stunning in this room.  Here the doors are painted in a shade close to cobalt blue for a modern touch to traditional french paneling.- Emily Kay’s Pinterest 

25.  This room features classic early American Windsor chairs which aren’t a typical furniture style you would pair with such a bold modern color, but it works!  In this room they feature a number of picture frames on the wall in white with a touch of black which coordinates with the painted black chairs.  Cobalt blue certainly is the dominant color in this room giving it the edge it needs.  -Design Rumahku

26.Lars Bolander’s Scandinavian Design features several homes with neoclassical style cobalt blue wallpaper, and hand painted walls with rococo designs a lighter shade of cobalt blue.

27.  Home Colors features a number of Cobalt blue bathrooms with different styles.  One features a claw-foot tub which is painted cobalt blue which match the walls in the same color.  Another bathroom is entirely based around cobalt blue except for the bathroom fixtures that are in white.  The look is certainly bold and modern.

28. In this room designed by Emma Thomas, an over-sized cobalt blueprint is used as wallpaper.  A modern painted cobalt chair is paired with a white painted desk.  White tones in the floor, and baseboards really brighten up this room.  -Improvised Life Blog

29.  This ornate door features the color of cobalt.  Gold ornaments hammered on to this door add a tremendous amount of detail. -Susan Six’s Pinterest 

30.  This coffee table is painted in a glossy cobalt blue.  The color stands out against the natural fiber rug.  The traditional carved detail now has a modern edge.  -Melissa Pohl’s Pinterest 

31.  A beautiful round tea table is painted in a navy blue.  This piece from Somerset Bay which has some of the nicest paint colors.  They feature a wide range of painted furniture.

31.  Here is a very rustic tapered leg table with a distressed painted look.  The distressing sure makes this table come alive.

32. Achieve this look by adding brown glaze to your blue painted furniture.  Glaze will tone down the color for a rich but old world antique appeal.  This look is best combined with distressing. 

Cobalt Blue Painted Interior Ideas

Elle Interior Norvégien, Feather Hat Featured on Hyphen Interiors

Brightly Painted Room by Eric Cohler and Jennifer Mason for Traditional Home

Sleek, high-gloss indigo paint provided a glamorous finish to timeless architecture, emphasizing the room’s paneling and moldings. An armless white sofa and a yellow painting stand out against the dark wall, enlivening the room with light accents. Designed by Eric Cohler and Jennifer Mason for Traditional Home 

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