Barbara Boyles’s Geometrical Painted Chest

Barbara Boyles Barbara Boyles's Painted Chest Barbara Boyles's Painted Chest2

Barbara Boyles's geometrical painted chest is a piece that would command attention in any room that it is put in.

She started by painting the entire chest black. Frog tape was applied to create the stripes on the top and front face of the chest. Gold leaf was applied in sheets to give the chest a contrast between the rich glow of the leaf and the black paint.

Barbara decided to add interest to the top by cutting a picture frame down, and securing it to the top of the chest to add extra interest.

Barbara is located in Mayflower, Arkansas, and enjoys creating uniquely painted pieces for own her home and for resale.

Annie Sloan Paint Color Chart

Annie Sloan Paint Colors

This beautiful selection was shared by Tobey McCool‎, and PeggySue Underwood 

Chelsea Turns A Plain Ikea Dresser Into A Union Jack Beauty

Dresser Make Over From Lovely Indeed

For our new apartment, Mr. Lovely and I wanted a dresser with a little personality. We looked high and low — furniture stores, estate sales, flea markets. But we just couldn’t find one that was right, so you can see where this is going. DIY time! This little baby takes some work but the payoff is major. You’ll need:

  • Zinsser Primer
  • three shades of latex paint
  • small foam paint rollers
  • painter’s tape
  • dresser and knobs

When we saw this inspiration, we knew what we wanted to do. But instead of finding a used dresser and having to sand it down, we got a super-affordable raw wood one from Ikea.

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Jenine Guariglia’s Faux Verdigris Tutorial

Jenine Guariglia's Faux Verdigris Tutorial

Here it is, the promised Verdigris 'Faux like a Pro' tutorial. I knew I wanted to do something old-world style. I get most of my best ideas from objects or architecture. Now I look at an old spoon or painted pot differently. I often ask myself "I wonder if I can duplicate that color scheme or look."

I certainly can't take all the credit for my wonderful dresser, like I mentioned I got a lot of my inspiration from Shelly, check out her cute blog. I found her picture through Google- I felt like out of all the faux verdigris picture, hers looked the most realistic to me.

I prepped my piece with the usual simple green solution to clean off the old dirt and grime, then a little sanding here and there.

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